This Charming Baby Can’t Stand It When His Dad Pretends To Cry

Published November 18, 2014 106,349 Views $67.04 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsHave you ever seen an insanely cute parenting video and just knew it would go viral? This is a video of a four-month-old baby starting to cry no sooner he hears his fake cry of his dad. It is an adorable moment when this baby Will (also known as Bubs) becomes sad after witnessing his father fake cry. Bubs is generally a quiet baby, unless he is hungry or wants to be held, and the faces and smiles that he gives are contagious.

It's going to take only forty seconds of your life to see the beautiful connection between this humorous dad and his baby son. Will is a natural sweetheart as he immediately mimics dad’s crying face and bursts into tears. Bubs is so attuned to his father that he starts crying as soon as his dad starts. But he is also very distressed by his dad’s loud sob that he can only be calmed down by the comforting voice of his mom and dad. ‘It’s OK, I’m OK’ are the only sweet-sounding phrases that soothe this baby. It is for sure that his crying could be triggered by a fake cry as we witness again later in this video.

Is Will especially empathetic, or do this cute baby and his dad have a unique father-son bond? The father seems fun, outgoing and kind. His compassion has clearly rubbed off on his son. What funny characters both of them are.

This heartwarming father-and-son video has already been picked up by several news outlets. If there's one thing this world needs, it's more loving parents filming special moments like this with their kids.


  • snowdiva, 3 years ago

    I'd cry at that horrible noise too...

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