Bubble Wrap Your Apartment To Save Money On Heating Bills

Published November 17, 2014 1,767,242 Views $152.45 earned

Have you ever been interested in saving money on your heating bills in the winter? Clever man named Yongnam discovered a really efficient and cheap way to increase your home temperature by almost 10 degrees in the middle of the winter without breaking the bank. All you need is bubble wrap and water. You will be amazed by the way this technique works!

This alternative can save you a ton of money, if done correctly. Basically, all you need is water, tape, and the secret ingredient, bubble wrap sheets. A lot of them. All you need to do is spray all the windows with water, and stick on the bubble wrap to cover all of the glass. Finally, all you need to do is tape the edges to ensure the insulation.

So if you're trying to save some money this upcoming winter, this is definitely something worth trying. The results are astonishing and will save you a bunch of money.

Everyone tries to save money on bills during the cold winter months when temperature drops down to single digits, making our heating bills hit the ceiling, as we pump up the heat to stay warm during those chilly nights.

This clever life hack will help you stay warm in the winter and only requires bubble wrap sheets and a little bit of water! Watch as Yongnam demonstrates when he spritzes his windows with a little bit of water and pushes on a large sheet of bubble wrap. Amazing!

This man went out of his way and found a really efficient and cheap way to increase his home temperature in the middle of the winter. This is a quick, inexpensive way to lower your heating bills in the winter which seems almost too good to be true!

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