SinistersmexPublished: November 15, 2014
Published: November 15, 2014

Ever wonder how Darius mainers get them dunking pentakills? Well look no further! My rambling will uncover the secrets to building a durable, deadly Darius and how to snowball your lane to become that unstoppable force that is the Noxian Guillotine aka DUNKZ!

I know I made some noob mistakes in the creation of the video, like habitually calling LeBlanc - Syndra etc. Some tips that weren't highlighted too well:

1) When at the first tower, always ward river in the bush closest to top lane.
2) If the enemy consistently hides in grass, ward the middle grass and play passively. If the minion wave pushes to your tower, ward the 1st grass patch.
3) If you're pushing 2nd tower, ward the adjacent lane or wraith. If you're en route or the jungler is camping your lane, ward the grass in the river.
4) If you get ganked, don't try to run. You'll just end up feeding. Try to kill one of them so you get a trade out of it.
5) Dunking under turrets: You need a health advantage. If the top champ is tanky like Garen or Synestra etc, DO NOT try to kill under tower unless they're at 30% health and you can stack bleeds really quick.


AD Marks/Quints
Flat Armor seals
Flat magic glyphs


1) Tiamat > Hydra
2) Boots of Speed > Merc Boots/Swifties for anti-CC
3) Giants Belt > Randiun's Omen
4) Spectre's Cowl > Bashee's Veil
5) Sunfire Cape (Can build 3rd or 4th if you need armor more)
6) Guardian Angel or Trinity Force*

*Sometimes I build both GA and Trinity in place of Sunfire. Keep in mind items are all situational. No one build fits every match.

Skill Order-

Take E (Apprehend) at level 2 for harassing ranged. Take W for early all-ins and melee.

Of course max ult as priority. DUNKZ

***DO NOT BUILD Last Whisper. Maxing your E gives you 25% armor penetration as it is. Your bleeds will be enough to take out anything tanky. Just play smart, and don't overcommit yourself. #1 mistake Darius players make is overextending themselves in lanes and not paying attention to jglr locations/lane progressions. Be wary of roaming from Mid and early ganks from jgl, especially if you got the early kill.

(((((Once you hit level 6 and get your ult, if you cs'd correctly and have pickaxe or some extra AD, or armor if they killed you first, just go for it. Ignite/bleeds and ult at 4 bleed stacks, earlier if they're outdamaging you))))

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