POV Footage Shows Reckless Motorcyclist Crash While Splitting Lanes

Published November 13, 2014 6,738,572 Views

Rumble / Horrible DriversOwning a motorcycle can be pretty awesome. Insane speed, wind in your face and the freedom of parking pretty much anywhere. But it also means that you have to be twice as responsible and careful in traffic, so you can avoid situations like the one in the video.

A motorcycle rider in Georgia, USA pays the price and ends up <a href="https://rumble.com/v30l8i-motorcycle-crash.html" target="_blank">crashing</a> into a vehicle after recklessly lane splitting through freeway traffic. The bright red Honda sedan was giving the right turn signal and switching lanes, so they had no time to correct before the cyclist <a href="https://rumble.com/v346nt-motorcycle-crashes-almost-hitting-a-suv..html" target="_blank">crashes</a> into their rear. Luckily, the only major injury he suffered was a broken wrist.

The rules in traffic are there for everybody, to protect us all from incidents such as this one. Motorcycle riders all over the world are frowned upon, because they never respect the lanes on the roads; they would much rather ride between the cars, because, hey, I fits!

The driver learned his lesson and next time we hope he'll drive responsibly and not so fast, knowing that by speeding he puts not only his life, but other lives in danger as well. Remember, just because you can fit between the cars in traffic, doesn't mean that you should split lanes.