What 10 Hours Of Walking In Mumbai As A Woman Looks Like

Published November 13, 2014 16 Plays

Rumble / Social ExperimentsMumbai-based IndieTube decided to mimic the popular ‘10 hours of walking in New York City’ video. Their model wears a top and a short skirt and walks around Mumbai city throughout the day for a 10-hour period.

To their surprise, she did not get a single instance of street harassment. Mumbai which is the biggest metropolitan in South Asia surprised us when the lady was not catcalled even once. No catcalling, no lewd remarks, and no street harassment was experienced throughout the entire 10 hours of walking as a woman in Mumbai.

10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman is a video created for Hollaback! by Rob Bliss Creative and featuring 24-year-old actress Shoshana Roberts. The video shows Roberts walking through various neighborhoods of New York City, wearing jeans and a black crewneck T-shirt, with a hidden camera recording her from the front. The two-minute video includes selected footage from ten hours, showcasing what has been described as "catcalls" and street harassment of Roberts by men, reporting there were 108 such instances.

Bliss and executive producer and Hollaback! co-founder Emily May clarified in comments to the Washington Post that Roberts' conservative dress choice was made so as to debunk the misconception that women only get harassed if they wear revealing clothing.

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Creator/Owner/Director: IndieTube.

Talent: Pooja Singh.

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Credit to 'indietube'.