RoGlow 2014: Bam Margera paints the world's largest human canvas

Published November 6, 2014 4,478 Plays

Rumble Take thousands of screaming college kids, add in a bunch of buckets of neon paint, mix it around with squirt guns and what do you get? Bam painting the world's largest human canvas! The 2014 #RoGlow event at Rowan University in New Jersey brought Bam along with his wife Nikki and parents Phil and April to a crowded tent full of rowdy college kids all dressed in white listening to electronic music. Why all in white? The plan was to have them arrive in white and leave however Bam wanted them to look. Armed with buckets of neon paint and high powered squirt guns, Bam and company proceeded to paint the crowd of sweaty students in splats of blue, pink, and yellow paint. Credit to 'digitalmavericks'.