Fion Presents | Under the Hat - Episode One - Rags to Riches

FionWineandSpiritsPublished: November 6, 20144 views
Published: November 6, 2014

Fion's cocktails have some unique inspirations. In the first episode we take a look at Rags to Riches, inspired by a conversation with a homeless friend.

Rags to Riches

With all the technological and scientific breakthroughs recently being applied to food, chefs and bar chefs have the ability to do some really cool stuff. We can transform fats into powders, spherify with the help of hydrocolloid compounds and ionic bonding processes, clarify through agar filtrations, dehydrate, thicken, gele-, infuse, re ferment, and even turn beers into slushies through methods of fractional crystallization..

but sometimes, because of all these substances and new found preparation methods we have available to us, we forget about the beauty behind simpler, minimalistic type presentations--
an eccentric mix with a simple presentation can tell you as much, and sometimes more, behind the influence of the cocktail or dish than any intricate, science related preparation ever could.

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