Two Iconic Giraffes In A Baffling Love Or Hate Fight

NataliaCara Published November 3, 2014 1 Plays $100.00 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsConsidered one of the most iconic animals in Africa, giraffes are somehow odd-looking animals with a slightly elongated neck and stripes like that of the zebra down its rump. If not the giraffe’s uniqueness, it must be its awkward, yet elegant grace. Its long legs move with consummate ease and enable the animal to travel at a surprising pace, even though its strange gait of moving both left legs and then both right legs makes it look rather unstable. And that is why it is odd to think that such a graceful animal has a violent streak in it, but one must remember that this is the wild and there are things to fight for: survival and genetic success.

The way their necks rock and fall freely down as they try to mimic something that looks like a fight, leaves you wonder whether they like or hate each other. The way these giraffes move is mesmerizing and it reminds us of nature’s lava lamp. This is an epic moment when the two giraffes fight by beating each other with their huge necks. The giraffes use their necks as a weapon in dominance battles. They are pushing against each other, a sign of sizing each other up and measuring each other's necks for supremacy.

And then all of a sudden we see change of hearts. The supposed fight turns into romance. The giraffes stay still for a moment before they move on showing their much gentler neck-movements, displaying a real affection for each other. Merely watching them somehow de-stresses us. They have done their jobs by leaving us perplexed one moment and then warmhearted the next.