Cute Kitten Loves Playing In The Bath

nSandwich Published November 1, 2014 16,140 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensMost cats, along with their owners, dread bath time and will do anything to avoid it. They will hide, hiss, jump around, throw tantrums and do anything to get themselves out of this dreadful activity. However, the adorable and playful kitten in this video proves that this does not apply to all cats.

As seen in the video, the cat named Mr. Kitty, is perfectly content and even enjoys his bath. Sitting in a tub filled with water and playing with his pink toy, Mr. Kitty is perfectly well-behaved and is a dream for every cat lover. Instead of being agitated and fearful, he is calm and entertained. Instead of clawing his way out, he seems to have no desire to leave his happy place. Indeed, Mr. Kitty proves that sometimes all it takes is patience or just a simple toy to help a cat overcome its lifelong fear. Nevertheless, before trying to help your feline friend, it is important to consider why cats typically possess such a strong fear of water.

Considering that cats have no problem bathing themselves, it shouldn't be such an incredibly complex challenge for their owners to help them in their process of cleaning. In fact, most cat owners have probably seen their cats standing by a faucet and running their paws under the water to get a taste of it. Some might even approach other sources of water and have no problem getting their paws wet. However, the real challenge begins when trying to properly bathe a cat. So why is that such a difficult task and why do cats try to avoid baths at all costs?

There are several reasons why most cats possess such a strong fear. One of the reasons lies in their fur. When showered and soaked in water, their fur becomes quite heavy causing a level of uneasiness and fear caused by the cat's inability to properly move due to the heaviness of their fur. This may also cause the cat to feel cold in some already cooler environment. Additionally, it may also take quite a while for them to fully dry depending on the length or thickness of their coat. Another reason is that, much like other animals, cats do not like to be forced into a situation previously unknown to them. When thrown into the water the cat's instincts will immediately kick in and it will try to escape the situation as quickly as possible.

Nonetheless, it is possible to train cats and adapt them to water and baths. The best way is to start introducing them to water at a young age. This will create a sense of calmness around water which will further develop over the years. The kitten from this video seems to have been introduced to water and baths early on in his life which for him has since grown into an enjoyable and playful experience.

However, cats can be trained to overcome their fear of water at any age. All it takes is a lot of patience and a calm and considerate approach to it. It may not happen overnight, but taking small steps will ensure trust between cat and owner as well as slowly eliminate their fear. A simple toy may also help as it diverts attention and keeps the cat occupied for the duration of the bath.

If approached with patience and lots of love, soon enough pre-bath temper tantrums will be a thing of the past and your cat may even present you with some incredibly cute moments as Mr. Kitty has done in this video.