Sign Spinner Shows Incredible Skills And Takes Advertising To The Next Level

tsaylorsPublished: October 31, 20142,595,162 views
Published: October 31, 2014

We’ve all seen sign spinners on the corners of sidewalks flipping and twirling away, but most have probably never seen a talent this good before! Watch as a promoter in Houston, Texas takes sign spinning to a completely new level.

A human billboard is someone who is holding or wearing a sign of some sort. Sign holders are known as sign walkers, sign wavers, sign twirlers or sandwich men. Frequently, they will spin or dance or wear costumes with the promotional sign in order to attract attention.

The dude takes it all, he incorporates some sweet break-dance moves into his routine, making it look like the sign is dancing alongside him. He is very talented and put all of his skills into action. It is such a pity that this video wasn’t filmed in slow motion because his moves are amazing! Kudos!

Sign spinning has come out of the advertising industry and straight into competing. An agency in Los Angeles won’t even hire sign spinners if they don’t know at least five tricks with a sign. Before this, human directionals, as they are called in advertising, just stood on street corners and held their signs. Talk about a good game changer!

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