Magician Rips Up Homeless Man’s Sign, Then Surprises Him

Published October 30, 2014 378,018 Views

Rumble / Magic TricksThere's no better feeling than making someone's day, right? Well that's precisely what Rob Anderson did after he learned that a U.S. Army veteran was living on the streets in Las Vegas. He has done tricks for homeless people before, but not like this one. ”I kept hearing about this homeless veteran here on the streets who apparently only wants to make people smile – even if they didn’t give him any money,” Anderson said in the beginning of the video. Alan McCracken is a United States Army veteran who he fell on hard times and wound up homeless, living on the streets. He can often be seen downtown holding a large sign that says “SMILE.”

This homeless man spent his days on the streets with a sign that read: "Homeless trying to get by/ Anything helps/ God bless." And according to people who had walked by the vet, McKracken "just wanted to make people smile, even if they didn't give him any money." That's when Rob comes in…

The famous magician introduced himself to McKracken and said, "Hey there, sir, how are you? I saw your sign. It says that anything helps. I wanted to help you, but I need to see your sign though." After taking the cardboard poster, he draws dollar signs with a marker and says, "Does that help?"McKracken, seeming confused about the situation, watches him with disbelief as Anderson proceeds to rip up his sign into pieces. Before you know it, Anderson somehow mends the ripped pieces together and voilà—a sign spewing out dollar bills somehow appears! Out of the torn pieces of the sign, he made it “rain” money. The veteran was, of course, delighted.

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