Prank Call Between Two Tech Support Agents Is A Success

zilchfox Published October 30, 2014 211 Plays

Rumble / PranksPrank calls are hilarious when they are pulled off properly, especially when they are between two people from the same company! Check out this prank call made to Bell Mobility in Canada. A subscriber of the service managed to merge two different Tech Support agents onto one line and sat back as the two attempted to offer support to one another! Hilarious! This subscriber gave us a good laugh and showed off his impressive prank calling skills! Some people don't even know how to merge two different numbers. This is awesome.

As the conversation between the two tech support agents continues we can't help but laugh. They have no idea idea what is going on and seem to be very confused. The first tech support agent is very confused when she hears the french speaking person on the phone, she thinks it's a costumer. The french tech support agent also thinks she is a costumer. She then tells the english tech support agent that she will transfer her to an english speaking tech support agent, but she already is one! Could this get anymore confusing? Thankfully they are able to end the call with a good laugh. They had no idea they were being pranked. This video definitely puts a smile on your face!

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