Incredibly Smart Puppy Gets Potty Trained To Use The Toilet Like Her Human Companion

Qiongwen Published October 29, 2014 93,175 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDogs require a lot of attention, almost as much as a child. Other than regular feedings like any other being on this planet and the occasional but most dreaded grooming, unless you live in a house with a big yard, your dog needs to stretch it's legs and spend all its excess energy outside, otherwise, what you end up with is one angry furry cuddleball, and no one wants that. Also, there is the most obvious of things, and every owner’s nightmare - going potty!

Some people just cannot let go of the desire to have a pet dog, even if they live in small apartments. For those pet owners, potty training might be a problem, but not for this woman! Meet PingPong, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that lives with her human in an apartment building. Given how puppies need to go potty frequently, her human designed a very special little platform for when it's PingPong’s time to go.

A set of little carpeted steps with a mesh attached at the top helps little PingPong do her thing all on her own. The door to the restroom is always open for her, so that she can use it anytime she feels like it! Good girl, Ping Pong!