Paddleboarding With A Humpback Whale

RichGermanPublished: October 25, 2014Updated: October 28, 201463,786 views
Published: October 25, 2014Updated: October 28, 2014

Paddleboarder Rich German recently had this close encounter with a humpback whale near Laguna Beach, California. During the beginning of the video you'll notice that the whale actually approaches him and swims underneath his board. You'll even see the whale dive several times and show it's tail!

Marine specialists urge all who enter the ocean to not approach, surround or attempt to touch the humpback whales if they come close to them. Instead, they should keep a safe distance and circle the whales from behind if need be.

If you find yourself in open water and close to whales, be mindful of these obvious signs of distress: rapid changes in direction or speed, erratic swimming patterns or escape tactics, like prolonged diving or underwater exhalation. Remember, the whales were in the ocean long before we did!

Credit to 'RichGerman'.

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