8 years ago

Kids Cry Tears Of Joy After Mom Finds Missing Cat

This is the heartwarming moment when mother surprises her unsuspecting children by tracking down their missing cat and finally reuniting them with their beloved pet. After mom spotted the little rascal wandering around she brought the feline home, causing her kids shed tears of joy!

Anyone who's ever gone through the experience of having their pet go missing knows how stressful that situation can be. The best you can hope for is a safe return of the wandering rascal, but the stress of knowing there is a slight chance of not seeing your pet ever again can be very frustrating.

Fortunately, this family got the happy ending of what could have been a tragic story! After their 13-year-old cat went missing for over two months, the entire family was worried sick and slowly starting to think the worse - that they parted ways with their beloved feline for good. However, Sheryl M. spotted the wandering cat at a nearby gas station and brought her back home. Watch the heartwarming reaction of her kids during the emotional reunion!

This cat must have been chasing for some mice and accidently got lost in the process. The poor thing must have felt scared, abandoned and unloved throughout the long two month of not being home. She must have been hopelessly waiting for its owners to show up and was trying to find its way home.

The moment these kids set eyes on their missing cat, they start jumping for joy and shedding happy tears. A homecoming party is what this surprise video looks like, after kids take turns to hold and pet their four-legged friend. Check out the amazing reunion!

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