Energetic Lamb Enjoys Outdoor Playtime With Husky Friend

Published October 20, 2014 22,602 Plays $37.50 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsAn adorable footage has emerged of a playful Husky being eager to meet with his new lamb friend on a meadow and engage in long play time together.

It is always adorable to see cross-species friendships, and we don't just mean a human and an animal! There are a lot of animal buddies out there, that belong to two very different groups of animals forge an unlikely bond between each other.

Huskies and sheep should be considered as two likely unfriendly species, since huskies are known to be descendant from the grey wolf. We here have just the proof that a dog and a sheep can actually become very good friends!

You don't see an animal friendship like this very often! Watch as Hice the Husky enjoys a moment of playtime with an energetic lamb. As the dog approaches the herd in the distance, towing it's owner on a leash, a lamb separates from it's mob and comes running to Hice. It seems that these two know each other for a while!

There aren’t too many animal friendships between dogs and lambs, but Hice has found a playful friend in this little lamb. Cuteness overload!

Hice accidentally learned to chase sheep, so the owners decided to come up with a solution. They decided to bring one of their lambs into their home, so the Husky would get used to the smell and look. After two weeks of domesticating the lamb, Hice couldn't leave lamb’s side. Sleeping, playing and standing by its side 24 hours a day. What an adorable friendship bond these two have formed.


  • warriorbride, 3 years ago

    THE sheep thinks that he is a GOAT but he has no HORNS lol head butting the dog, I am not sure that he really likes him or not ? lol too cute

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