Stacking A Tower Of Nuts With An Excavator Is The Finest Form Of Art

anttiakivela Published October 17, 2014 891 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdDo you know what an excavator is? They are the unsung geniuses of the modern era, so much so that we are trying our very best to spread the word of the exploits, so that they too might get their share of fair recognition.

They are one massive piece of construction machinery, which uses buckets and claw to dig dirt. You have probably seen them around and surely you know how clumsy looking they are. But there are certain professionals out there with nerves so well trained, they can use these machines with extreme precision!

In this video, Petri Peramaki demonstrates incredible precision while operating an excavator. Watch as he shows serious skill, managing to gently stack a tower of 10 individual two-inch nuts! We can't even do this with our own two hand, but Petri here utilizes his nerves of steel to the utmost precision! Our hat's off to you, sir!

Did you think that stacking beer bottles in your greatest high is an accomplishment? We would beg to differ! Check out Petri’s nerves of steel and surgical precision, as he stacks those nuts one on top of the other like LEGO blocks, with the help of the bucket on his excavator! This should be a form of art. Petri should be celebrated, honored with a Nobel Prize and a massive monument in his honor!

Excavator in use: Hitachi ZX210-11, with Engcon EC30 rototilt.

Credit to 'anttiakivela'.


  • Yosemitebear62, 2 years ago

    At $300 PH 6 minutes of excavator time = $30 to stack 10 nuts or $3.00 each nut.

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