Adorable Baby Sings Before She Takes A Nap

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Children are precious little things and they know how to make our lives beautiful. They have ways to bring a smile on our face and brighten up our worst days. It doesn’t matter the nature of the activity they do that make us fall in love with them, but simply their energy is what provokes the best in us. And we couldn’t be more happy having them around us every day, all year around.

Each child have different habits when it comes to going to bed or having a nap during the day. Some wants to hug their fluffy bear toys, some want a bedtime story, others want to have a chat with their parent while there are children who just want to sing before plunging in the bed covers. This cute toddler in the video can’t imagine taking a nap otherwise than singing a song together with her mom. She knows exactly when it’s her time to fill up the song with the E-I-E-I-O from the famous nursery rhyme “Old McDonald”.

But as soon as she realizes that her antics come close to an end because she has to have that boring nap, she starts questioning the purpose of nap time, like really question it. Whenever her mom asks her something, she only has one question to ask her back and that is “Why?”, why this, why that when her final shriek of “why” is linked to Old McDonald. What a hilarious thing to do. She is amazing, isn’t she?

We may not be one hundred percent sure of what this adorable little baby is saying, but it sounds like she has some tunes hidden up her sleeve! This little princess does not back down and does her best to fill in the gaps as her mom stops just at the right time! Good thing mom knows the lyrics! There's just something about a baby singing along with their parents that makes it so adorable to watch, especially when they try to keep going all by them self.

Watch as this adorable toddler sings with her kind mother. Mom sings to her daughter in such way that she can follow along and just at the right time pauses so her little girl can take the spot light. The toddler can hardly even say real words yet but she's trying to communicate her happiness. This cutie is talking baby and has some serious sngng skills to share!

The whole scenario looks perfect. The little princess is dressed in pink and stands in her sleeping basket. Don’t let this innocent appearance fool you. She sure knows how to throw in the words to this song even though she is really small. You could also sing along if you have a little girl by your side since this one is a great example! Another day, another tactic to avoid a nap! Watch as an adorable one-year-old questions her mother, she just wants to know "Why?". Most parents have definitely been in that situation before.

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