One-Year-Old Shows Incredible Acting Abilities When She Talks Her Way Out Of A Nap

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Published: October 14, 2014Updated: October 15, 2014

Although Sierra is only one, she has already mastered the skill of making you believe 'she's right'! It's not easy arguing with an adorable baby! They pull out the big guns almost every time, making you want to pinch their chubby cheeks and play with them forever. But, thankfully, common sense reigns over the situation, and you realize that babies need a lot of sleep, probably more sleep than you’ll ever imagine.

After a bit of smooth talking, this adorable baby manages to convince her mother and get her way out of taking her nap. How could you say no to someone that adorable? Looks like she's going to be able to talk her way out of almost anything as she gets bigger!

Children have a knack for getting what they want. Every child does it in a different way, some will pout and throw a tantrum, others will just have the ability to smooth talk their way out the situation in the cutest way ever, as this little girl has done. This adorable baby figured out a foolproof way to get out of a nap, she'll probably keep using this tactic to get out of the naps to come.

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      dnnroeder · 1 year ago

      too adorable!!!!