Puppy attempts to take dog for a walk

ChristianHeatonPublished: October 7, 2014259,711 views
Published: October 7, 2014

This video will definitely brighten your day! Here we have a little role substitution. Instead of the owner taking the dogs out for a walk, the puppy decides to take the reins. Bella, the family's new puppy, really wants to take Honey for a walk. Looks like Honey isn't interested in going anywhere though! Now that's is an adorable moment!

Dog owners live for these kinds of moments. What probably ended up happening was the leash was put on, and Bella must have believed it was a toy or such. Mind you, dogs and puppies alike all love to play tug of war. This is no different! When dogs do such hilarious things, it makes for a good time for everyone, even the little adorable puppy!

Everyone knows that dogs love to go for walks. Usually just the sole mention of the word "walk" is just enough to make some dogs go berserk, getting them excited enough to run at the door, ready for their walk. You can tell that Honey was ready to go!

Check out this adorable puppy trying to take the dog out for a walk!

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