Street Tacos-Video Recipe By elrabbitsbbq

Published October 6, 2014 14 Views

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Shredded Beef-Street Taco Recipe
You will need
3-5 Pounds Beef Chuck roast
2 Thick slices of Onion
1 cup cilantro
Salt pepper to taste.
and a can of beer

Preferably In a Skillet, heavy bottom pan or dutch oven you will need to brown all sides of the roast. Once you brown the meat, add onions and deglaze pan with beer then re-add meat to pan. Top off with cilantro and remainder of beer, cover with heavy duty foil tightly, and cook in a 250-300 degree oven or grill as we did till meat is falling apart tender. You can use corn or flour tortillas. We chopped a half bunch of cilantro and a half an onion in a bowl to use as a topping. We also made a green Tomatillo guacamole salsa (depending on the comments we get about that we may make a how to video recipe for that salsa).
Note you may notice we used a minimal amount of seasonings, herbs and spices! I really wanted the Beef to shine and have all that beef flavor come thru which it did ... this was a successful cook. Now, if i was to use more herbs and spices, I would use some Mexican oregano and a couple of bay leaves. I'm sure those would be a great addition to the flavor profile. Thank You for watching, Please Comment, Like, and subscribe.

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