Boston Terrier talks when he wants his ball

Bruce_and_Beefcake Published October 5, 2014 1,273 Plays $2.93 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWatch as Bruce - a full bred Boston Terrier who was a year and a half old in this video - lets his owner know to stop teasing him and to just hand over his favorite ball!. Can you blame the little guy? Just give him what he wants!

According to his owner, this is completely normal behavior for Bruce who is known to show off from time to time. In other clips online, he has pulled off a "walk in reverse" using a tennis ball and also an adorable vacuum cleaner "attack". One more of his more memorable moments was making dolphin and/or goat (still undecided!) sounds for the camera. You can't help but smile while watching moments like that!

Would you consider yourself a dog or cat person? You can definitely give dogs a few points for behavior like this - it definitely makes your day! Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

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