Seal pup plays hide and seek with dog

nicolawhitePublished: October 5, 2014Updated: October 6, 20141,200,913 views
Published: October 5, 2014Updated: October 6, 2014

It is always curious to watch an interaction between two different species, but these folks have had a blast and treated us with a video of their own Labrador retriever getting acquainted with a seal!

The footage from February 2013 has surfaced featuring a playful seal pup in the River Thames near Greenwich, South East London, England, interacting with 13-year-old Labrador dog named Mischa. Hide-and-seek is everyone's favorite game and it is just adorable to watch the little cub tease the poor old dog by going in and out of the river, curious of the four-legged friend. Mischa seems equally curious of the aquatic dweller, but her excitement might have been just a little too much for the baby seal, as her barks sent the curious animal back into the water.

The adorable moment was recorded by Mischa's owner, Nicola White.

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