35 things to do in a hotel with a cute baby

LaneVids Published September 25, 2014 262 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdSo congrats are in order, you have a newborn baby girl in the family. Everything is cool, you've all grown so much along with her and she seems to understand you better now. It's time to go on a vacation!

You get to the hotel, settle in your room and a question mark pops in your head - now what? Baby girl can't do much; heck, she can barely sit up straight! What are the things that you can do with your little one while in the hotel? Here are some ideas:

LaneVids and TheFunnyrats demonstrate '35 things you can do in a hotel with a baby' during a trip to New Orleans with their 9-month-old daughter. The list includes ordering room service, playing in the sheets, going gambling, and a whole lot more! Which one of the 35 things to do is your favorite? Credit to 'LaneVids' and 'TheFunnyrats'. Check them out for more great content!