Kids reactions to mother being pregnant with twins

Published September 25, 2014 93,381 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdBreaking the news to your children that there is going to be another one can be hard when they're young. Well these three kids find out that there are gonna be two more new additions to the family, and all three kids offer up three different reactions, causing this hilarious scene. Get ready to laugh out loud!

The child in the back seat clearly doesn't seem excited. He begins to cry and show how upset he is. His reasoning is that he won't be able to tell them apart, which is a hilarious reason. The one on the right is clearly in disbelief, saying that the ultrasound picture is of the mother's nose, laughing all about it. And lastly comes the boy on the left, he is ready to become the older brother that he has always dreamed of becoming. How cute!

As all of them grow older, their attitudes will obviously begin to change, except maybe the one who is excited. We all know that once the twins are born, these big brothers will rise to the occasion. They'll look back on this in the future and laugh at their hilarious reaction!

Watch how these three sons react after dad tells them that mom is pregnant with twins, it's absolutely priceless!