The 'Maksimatic Cup Holder' Keeps Drinks Spill-Free

Published September 24, 2014 19,844 Plays

Rumble / Weird ScienceDon't you hate it when a full cup of coffee or soda spills in your car cup holder after taking a sharp turn or sudden stop? The Maksimatic Cup Holder solves that problem! Watch it in action as it keeps drinks spill free! Credit to 'Maksimatic Cup Holder'.

You may think that this is not an important invention, but first ask yourself - how many times have you spilled something in your car? The chances are, probably a few. We're all guilty of forgetting that we have a beverage right next to us when we take a sharp turn - but physics is here to remind us. But this can be a thing from the past with The Maksimatic Cup Holder! if you have this nifty invention in your car, you can park on a steep hill and nothing will budge. As a matter of fact, your car can stumble (hypothetically, not that a point has to be proven), but your coffee or tea will stay the way you left it.

Many things have evolved since their original debut on the market (even doorknobs, can you imagine?), so why not make a change with our cup holders as well? It looks like a cool change to make!