Little Buddy's Reaction Finding Out His Crush Is In Love With Someone Else Is Incredible

Published September 23, 2014 2,191,764 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsCan you remember the first time someone broke your heart? Heartbreak is never easy, but experiencing it for the very first time can be like having your whole world fall apart. It's an awkward moment for everyone, but imagine it happening to a four-year-old boy!

When your child's heart is broken, sometimes all he needs is a talk. Even if he doesn't want to, let him pour out his heart to you! That will help you both.

Four-year-old Milo had the cold, hard truth delivered to him by his mom while coming home from kindergarten. Apparently, Milo has his first crush - a girl called Emily, but Emily likes another boy, and they already have a playdate set up.

What happens next is truly sad to watch! Milo’s feelings are hurt, and he does what he knows best, and that is to cry his little heart out from his child seat in the back of mom’s car. He doesn’t want to have many friends; he wants to call Emily right now!

"I want her to like me better!" he shouts through his tears.

Milo’s mom is trying to calm him down, but it seems like a difficult goal to achieve. This little guy found out how crushing this "love" thing can be. Thinking of other friends and hanging out with them is the last thing on Milo’s mind right now.

It's bad to laugh, but there is something incredibly cute and sweet about Milo’s reaction. We totally understand this little guy: the first heartbreak is always the worst. Don’t despair, Milo!

Bless his heart! He pretty much sums up what everyone feels with heartbreak, but in his words, "I don't like that, because it hurts my feelings!" So cute and heartbreaking at the same time. His reaction broke our hearts too!

Well, Milo our advice to you is not to worry, you will find another girl who will love you with all her heart. You deserve all the love and happiness in the world! A child’s love is the purest one, and they know how to love unconditionally.

Butterflies. Daydreaming. Embarrassment. Stumbling of words. Excitement. Sweaty hands. Shyness. Thrill. Confusing signs. Giggles. Blushing. Crush. A crush is generally a term used for children. They develop a lot of feeling when they have a crush on someone, and we find that adorable and cute! What do you think of Milo’s reaction?

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