Clever Dog Unlocks Window And Sneaks Out Of The House

Published September 19, 2014 2,624,787 Views

Teaching our dogs some basic commands can be a lifesaver. You start with the usual: sit, stay, heel, down. When the dog overcomes these commands, you start with tricks, like roll over, high five, play dead and so on. But some people choose to dedicate way more time and effort into teaching their dogs much more than that. This story is somewhat relating to what you can achieve by teaching your dog and expanding its horizons.

Dogs are obedient by nature, but sometimes, they don't always behave. For example, this curious fella always finds a way to sneak out of the house without his owners knowledge, and how he does it is simply amazing. These owners were curious to find out how their dog managed to escape out of the house, so they decided to set up a camera by the window. This is what they saw after looking back at the footage! The pooch carefully unlocked the window by using his paws and mouth, and managed to sneak out to go for a walk outside. Talk about clever dogs!

You can’t just open a door and get in, but not close it behind you! Daisy’s owner reminds her of it, so she goes running back to close it, before getting her much deserved cuddling! You too can teach your dog to play the piano, fetch you a beer or open and close door, like a tiny, little, furry human. Just don’t forget to record it doing them and upload the footage to!

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