Driver Puts On A Show While Stuck In Traffic

Published September 19, 2014 4,509 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdLet’s face it, no one really likes being stuck in traffic. Unfortunately, it’s the price we pay for living in a world where travel is made possible for everyone and is absolutely essential. It can happen on our daily commute to work and back it usually happens when we least expect it or need it to happen.

Some people can’t help but get angry at it, they would say that it can be dealt with, that there should be stricter laws and that people should use the public transportation in favor of their vehicles. But making that sort of change can be really hard and it would take a lot of time to change the mentality of a whole race, so why not do the next best thing? Why be angry and bitter when you can make the most of it?

Just look at this man right here. This guy really knows how to get attention! Check out the entertaining performance he pulls off while sitting in traffic. Looks like he's simply enjoying life! You can actually do it, too. It doesn’t have to be an attraction, but you can use those spare few minutes in a traffic jam to do something useful and beneficial for you. Try listening to an audiobook or even an educational radio program. The world is your oyster! A time spent learning new things is absolutely worth it and soon you’ll forget about the traffic jams and you’ll look forward to repeating it the following day.