Stubborn Dog Blocks The Staircase And Refuses To Move

noellevirdoPublished: September 16, 2014Updated: September 17, 2014183,871 views
Published: September 16, 2014Updated: September 17, 2014

A hilarious footage has emerged showing a cute dog sitting on a staircase refusing to move when owner wants to pass through. This adorable dog named Finn didn’t want his owners to leave the house so he found a temporary solution to the problem.

Footage shows what is seems to be a camera shy dog sitting in the middle of the staircase, completely blocking the door entrance. When owner tells Finn to move over, the dog looks at the camera with his innocent puppy eyes but doesn’t move a muscle!

Watching this shy rascal blocking the staircase and giving his best 'puppy eye' look to owner has melted our hearts. After several attempts and tons of begging, he eventually decides to move out of the way, but he takes his time and slowly descends the staircase, step by step!

It is adorable how this dog thought that laying across doorways and refusing to move when he is told would stop owners from leaving the house. Watch how firmly he sits at the top of the staircase, right in the middle, blocking the path on purpose!

Funny thing though, judging by the face expression and body posture, this dog doesn’t seem to have any dominance issues. He is gazing down at the floor, he has shrugged shoulders, and he is obviously camera shy. He barely moves and is uncomfortable to look at the camera. Then again, he refuses to obey owner’s command and doesn’t move a muscle when owner asks him to move and let her pass through! Go figure!

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