BMX Stunt Rider Crashes Into Parked Vehicle

20baster08Published: September 15, 2014311,874 views
Published: September 15, 2014

For those of us who are sporty and like the outdoors this video might just be one of those that gets your blood moving. If you happen to be an adrenaline junkie and try out some sketchy fresh moves, this is a video which shows how that might all come to an end. For some lucky and skillful at a particular sport this might be an easy peasy, where as for the amateurs it might be a bit of a handful.

These guys are all gathered in a bunch waiting on a "miracle" to happen as one of their friends is about to perform, rather show of the new trick he thinks he has learned. However it all doesn't go according to plan, it actually all goes a-wall.

At first there is only a couple of dude in the camera view angle and it seems like they are all preparing to capture this stunt in the making. While they all expect the best they never take in the possibility that something can go wrong. So after just a few seconds they turn their heads toward the guy on the bike and see him zooming in from a distance. One, two three and airborne!

Looks like this BMX stunt didn't exactly go as planned! Watch as an unlucky rider loses control off a staircase jump and lands straight into a parked vehicle. Luckily, both the individual and the car managed to avoid any significant damage.

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