26 Manly Things To Do With A Cute Baby Boy

LaneVids Published September 15, 2014 1,060 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdHaving a newborn baby is a challenge - they understand almost next to nothing and they can't express themselves yet but need and want a lot. Moms usually are better at communicating with the babies, because they've been connected with them for nine months, so they probably have a secret language or something.

But what if you one of those manly-man dads, who are proud on your newborn son, but have no idea what do with him that doesn't involve giggling and slobbering all over the place? We here got you covered!

LaneVids shows you 26 manly things that you can do with your cute baby boy! Who would have thought that a baby can workout, use a computer, mow the lawn, fix a printer, and so much more! This video is hilarious! We knew babies could be fun, but who knew that they could be this fun? What we do know is that this is one funny duo! Credit to 'LaneVids' and 'TheFunnyrats'.

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