Son Makes Compilation Of Scaring Mom

Published September 12, 2014 676,468 Views

Rumble / Funny & WeirdMothers are amazing people. They provide you with love and care like no other person could. They take care of you; making sure you are happy, healthy and overall are being a good person. Sure, there are going to be times when you may not get along, but the love, care and memorable moments that they give heavily out ways those differences. Looks like one of those memorable moments was created in this hilarious clip here.

This prankster put together a compilation featuring priceless reactions from his mother, who gets scared a little easier than the average person! You can definitely remove his name from any "son-of-the-year" nomination lists!

This mother seems to be getting scared really easily! She is the exact definition of a scaredy cat! Sure, the son does not have to scare her all the time like that, but you can tell that he is doing it out of love. After all, the mother seems to be OK with it each time he does it. This hilarious duo really does know to entertain an audience!

Is your mom as scared as this one? Let us know down in the comments! Please share this video with your family and friends as this will surely make them smile!

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