Determined Kitten Tries To Get Dalmatian's Attention

Published September 7, 2014 153,723 Plays $468.19 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsSquirt the kitten has known Dalmatians Louie and Lady ever since her family fostered her for the humane society, and she loves nothing more than playtime with the family dogs! It doesn’t seem to matter to her that these new playbuddies are a bit taller than her and have spots instead of a gradient gray pattern on their fur, if she finds them lounging on the living room carpet, it’s fair game. Even if they’re not willing to play, she’ll certainly find a way to make them.

In this adorable clip, Squirt tries her best to get Lady's attention. She tries to sneak up on her and make her play but Lady’s having none of it. But not for long, apparently. The pooches are very patient and gentle with the little kitten that can't contain its excitement about playtime, but after a while they too become excited and start to engage in precious play. She makes them go crazy with excitement and the owners would need a lot of luck and patience to stop them after they’ve started playing. We can just imagine what bedtime looks like in this household! Yikes!

Having pets around the house is always fun, and capturing those moments on video can be an instant mood booster for all animal lovers out there. We love this adorable trio, how about you? Tell us more about what you think in the comments down below and in the meantime, enjoy!