FERRARI 458 ITALIA SPIDER - 10 MILE TEST DRIVE EXPERIENCE - Gotham Dream Cars Supercar Review Ride

ringsking Published September 5, 2014

Rumble Did the Gotham Dream Cars 10 mile test drive experience with a 2012 Ferrari Italia Spyder. This car is over $250,000 and it costs $240 (if you don't have full auto insurance like me, you have to leave a $5,000 deposit on your credit or debit card which they void after the ride). The test drive is 10 miles - part around town and part on stretches of the highway (got up to 80 MPH - super smooth - but didn't want to push it too much). The guy was also nice enough to film the whole ride and answered a lot of Ferrari and Lamborghini questions. Awesome experience. Here is the link to Gotham Dream Car Test Drive and I went to the one in Englewood, NJ
Thanks for watching.