Crew Tears Apart And Rebuilds Jeep In Minutes

streetcarboyPublished: September 3, 20147,056,305 views
Published: September 3, 2014

If you think that NASCAR pit crews are awesome, being able to change four tires and gas up a car in 13 seconds, wait till you see what a team of six soldiers from a base in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada can do to a military Jeep! They strip the UV down to its lug nuts and then, just as they took it apart, they rebuild it in right about 4 minutes!

The Jeep is the military's favorite off road vehicle, because of it's incredible stability on most terrains. Every active service member of the military is required to be thoroughly prepared with knowledge and skills in war and combat.

This amazing footage shows the team of six from the 3 Area Support Group Technical Services Division come to a full stop in the middle of a Halifax street and at the cue of their commanding officer, completely disassemble and reassemble a Jeep in four minutes! We are not quite sure if this qualifies as a combat skill, but if was sure amazing to watch!

Naysayers will say that the Jeep isn't some high-tech luxury vehicle with a gazillion buttons and whatnots, but we say that this takes some serious engineering and fine-tuned choreography to pull off. Not to mention the team spirit!

Let's see you disassemble and reassemble a race car in four minutes with two men short, NASCAR pit crews!

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