Croats Spotted What Could Be A UFO Flying Low Over The Adriatic

AudioColorWorld Published September 3, 2014 757 Plays

Rumble / Weird MysteriesHumankind loves a good mystery story. So much so that if it comes packaged in a triade of bright shining lights across the evening sky, folks will bend over backwards, guessing if it is a UFO or just some rogue Chinese lanterns. Both amateurs and “professional” conspiracy theorists can’t get enough of sightings like these and sometimes, the lousier the footage, the better!

All over the world, both regular people and laymen alike have been posting videos of sightings that look too real to diss, but thank goodness for the rest of the Internet, right? There are people that know their stuff and when they see a clip of a so-called sighting, most of them will jump at the opportunity to dissect that thing bit by sci-fi bit, in an attempt to bring peace to the minds of those who keep asking “is there intelligent life outside of this planet?” Still, with so many mysterious “sightings” out there, so many remain unsolved. Like this one, for instance.

In this raw footage we see a peculiar flying object speeding low over the Adriatic Sea, somewhere around the Island of Pag in Croatia. The object does not make a sound; what you hear are the cars passing on the road that lines the Dalmatian shore. The footage doesn’t give up much about the object’s shape; it looks fairly linear, with no lights flashing from it. What makes it a complete mystery is that is vanishes into thin air somewhere over the sea, with only a flash of white light.

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