Biker’s Attempt To Jump Off A Ramp Goes Hilariously Wrong

Zanywater8848 Published September 2, 2014 5,278 Plays

Rumble / Epic FailsSome of us grew up with that baby brother who didn't make it through childhood without losing a few teeth, on dares to ride over a ramp on a bicycle. I wouldn't exactly call this big fellow a baby, and if the bottom of the pond he's jumping into doesn't have too many rocks then he probably won't lose any teeth.

Perhaps it's just as well that his slow speed taxi down the runway didn't send him flying over the pond. There is no indication of how deep the pond is, but it doesn't look too deep. He's probably lucky the ramp even held up like it did.

You have to admit that his aim is pretty good, though. It would be hard to miss the great big arrow painted on the ramp. One of his friends shouts, 'Don't sit down!” But he does, anyway. You have to wonder what difference standing up would have made.

We are having dreamily into a bucolic scene from the halcyon days of summer. By now such listless scenes are but dim memories to be cherished. The warm sunny day, the still water, the laughter of our friends breaking up the monotony of a few songbirds in the trees. That laughter…laughing at him, no doubt, but not bullying. He is playing the part of the jester, and there isn't much doubt that he is unaware that he's a spectacle.

When he hits the ramp, the bike barely makes it to the crest. He catches no air at all, but rather tips haphazardly over the edge. It's all very comical, more so since nobody seems to have gotten hurt. If you're going to go out with a splash, after all, then you go out big.

These kids have just created wealth in the form of a memory that will last a lifetime. Years from now one of the friends will dredge up the scene, then another friend will join in with his version of events, and before you know it they will all be reliving that long ago summer day in Soldotna, Alaska.

You have to grab summer by the horns in Alaska, and like a bucking bull at the rodeo, ride it for all it's worth. Everything is bigger in Alaska, even summer, but beware: it is here and gone before you know what hit you.

This was a perfect moment captured in the most important way. The salient details mean everything. The slow descent down the hill, and the big boy, simply too massive to fly graceful as a swan, but instead falling overboard like a bison being herded over a cliff. Wearing no protective gear whatsoever, he took a big risk to give us this much joyous satisfaction.

Such stunts are for the young at heart. After a certain age, adults don't take to falling very well. We tend to break more and heal less. Congratulations to this gang of ne'er-do-wells for bringing us back to that time when we, too, were young and stupid and just plain fun to be around.