Street performer creates music using 2 Game Boys

Published September 2, 2014 815 Plays $2.35 earned

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleWe bet you have never seen or heard anything like this ever before! In this video, a busker performing outside of 'Gamescom 2014' in Cologne, Germany shows off a unique 8 bit music performance using only 2 Game-Boys and a speaker! With incredible visuals and sounds, this is one video that no video game buff or viewer should ever miss! Who knew something from your childhood like a Game-Boy could make such cool and entertaining music!

This really is awesome! Something as simple as a Game-Boy is making such cool and complex beats! How does something like that even work? This man is really a musical genius! Doesn't this video just bring back some old, great memories of playing with your Game-Boy? Those were the good old days!

It is a shame that they are no longer making Game-Boys any more but they do have plenty of other good game consoles on Amazon to get! They are really fun too!

Do you have any fond memories of playing with a Game-Boy or any other gaming console? Let us know in down in the comments!