Pinoy Teen Sings Jaw-Dropping 'Air Supply' Cover

Published September 2, 2014 21,776 Plays $81.79 earned

Rumble / Cover SongsDubbed as 'Pinoy Air Supply', these young Filipino musicians from Cotabato Province <a href="" target="_blank">sing</a> an absolutely stunning rendition of Air Supply's "Having You Near Me". Jhong Madaliday of Kabacan, North Cotabato, is the leader of this group, and has also been nicknamed “Pinoy Air Supply" by fans, even though that nickname is also used to refer to all three boys. According to Pinoy Blog Watch, Jhong’s bandmates are known as Ivan on lead guitar and Samuel on bass guitar.

The <a href="" target="_blank">Filipino</a> people are known for their singing talents. As a matter of fact, there is an amateur singing contest present in every district all over the country. Of course, nowadays it is easy to discover a talent, because all you have to do is search for good Pinoy singers, one of whom is the group formerly called Three Friendly, now becoming increasingly popular as Pinoy Air Supply.

Zacky Kandalayang, the man who uploaded this video online, became amazed with the group talent when he saw them singing in a sari-sari store. Thousands of netizens shared this video and still counting at this moment.

Air Supply is an Australian soft rock duo, consisting of singer-songwriter and guitarist Graham Russell and lead vocalist Russell Hitchcock. They had a succession of hits worldwide, including eight Top Ten hits in the United States, in the early 1980's.

They formed in Australia in 1975 and have included various accompanying musicians and singers.