Artist Creates Amazing Portrait Using Pens And A Canvas

Published September 2, 2014 594,234 Views $0.91 earned

Rumble / Creative VisualsPeople around the world have many different and unique talents. One of the most abundant talents is being able draw and being an artist. That being said, no two artist are the same as they each have their own unique style and drawing preference that sets them apart. The man in this video is a great example on how an artist can have a unique style.

A street artist in London, England created this incredibly detailed and realistic portrait of Bob Marley using only pens and his canvas. He claims that it took him a "few days" to bring the drawing to the stage seen in this video, and completed all work live in the square.

This picture is crazy realistic! There is so much detail in that portrait that is almost seems like it is an actual photograph! It is all the more impressive that he managed to do this all with pen! Pen is pretty permanent when it comes to drawing so if he made a mistake he could have had to start all over. On top of that, it took him days to do. Talk about dedication to the craft!

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