Police Helicopter Captures Candlelight Marriage Proposal

rumblestaff Published August 26, 2014 15 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdOn August 23rd, 2014, officers in a Metropolitan Police Service helicopter hunting for a stolen vehicle came across a marriage proposal in Gladstone Park, Dollis Hill, North London. The words "Will you marry me?" were spelled out on the ground with what appears to be candles near midnight on Sunday, August 23 2014.

We don’t have information whether the stolen car that the police were looking for was indeed found. However, the Metropolitan police still wanted to reach out to the happy couple and offer them the images they captured from the sky. So, they turned to the one place they know will have the broadest reach - Twitter.

The MPSinthesky Twitter account tweeted: ‘We think we have just seen the most romantic guy in north London.’ After an appeal for internet users to help them identify the couple, so that they could pass on the photographs of their proposal to the bride and groom-to-be, police said that the bride-to-be had accepted as her boyfriend popped the question.

This is not the only case where the police force was involved, in a way, in a marriage proposal. A deputy from the Palmdale Sheriff's Station pranked his girlfriend into thinking she was pulled over for a suspected DUI, when he dropped on one knee to ask her the most important question: “Will you be my partner in crime?"

Congrats to both couples!

Credit to @mpsinthesky and Metropolitan Police Service.