Hyperrealistic 'Pirates of the Caribbean' speed painting

Published August 20, 2014 25,759 Views

Rumble / Creative VisualsThere are so many underestimated artists out there, most of which have done work that might never see the light of day. With the era of the internet, however, more and more young artists are able to rein the power of the world wide web by sharing images and videos of their creative outlets, thus allowing the world to enjoy their work.

One such artist is Pol Art, a 30-year old artist from Jerez, Andalucía in Spain. An acclaimed tattoo artist, he uses social media to show the world what he can do. Most of his tattoo work is on his Twitter profile, but his Youtube channel is reserved exclusively for his astoundingly hyper realistic portraits of famous people and movie characters. His weapon of choice are the dry pastels.
In this video, you can see over 200 hours of work on his Davy Jones/Doctor Octopus mashup painting, scrunched up into 1 minute of footage! Check out Pol_tattoo for more.