Skilled Driver Performs ‘Donuts’ Around Standing Female Volunteers

Published August 18, 2014 11 Plays

Rumble / Full Throttle CarsThis is the incredible moment when one professional driver decides to show off his amazing skills on camera. During the Braga International Tuning Motor Show in Braga, Portugal, professional driver and drift champion Nelson Rocha performs several ‘donuts’ around standing female volunteers. Watch and be amazed!

A video showing the professional driver performing 'donuts' in broad daylight has shined a light on a growing 'movement' of dangerous-car-trick enthusiasts. Footage shows a vehicle disappearing in choking plumes of burnt rubber as it swings wildly across the road leaving black skid marks behind, as a result of its circular 'donut' pattern movements.

It is amazing how Nelson has mastered the donut technique to perfection, leaving the crowds in awe and the volunteers happy and untacked! Can you imagine standing in the middle of the road, while stuntmen perform wild tricks just inches away from you? One wrong move and you are dead meat! Beware!

A ‘donut’ is the act of rotating the rear of the car around the front wheels continuously, hence creating circular skid marks and producing tons of tire smoke. In fact, it doesn’t serve any other purpose but to show off!

This maneuver is performed differently in front-drivers and rear-drivers, and the only real donuts are performed with a high-powered rear-wheel-drive car that professional drivers used to complete!

Rear wheel drive is essential to perform sustained donuts, as well as enough power is required to spin the rear wheels and keep them spinning. If used too frequently, this technique quickly wears out the rear tires! Don’t try this at home unless you are a professional driver and have perfected the donut technique without standing volunteers first!