Pilot lands airplane on top of a moving truck

AviationPhotojournal Published August 18, 2014 8,738 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdIt's a bird! It's a plane! Oh wait it's really a plane! In this video, watch as Greg Koontz, a world renowned aerobatic instructor and airshow performer, manages to land his Piper Cub light aircraft right on top of a moving truck. It's definitely a sight you need to see to believe! This is one video that no aviator fan should ever miss! Credit to Jolly Roger Photo.

This video is absolutely insane! Who would of thought that you could land a plane on a moving truck! And did you see how fast the plane and truck were going? At one point, it seemed like the plane was not going to make it! It must take a lot of skill and practice to pull a stunt like this off so perfectly. You need precise timing to make everything work right. What made this even better was what the announcer said at the end when they landed! This is one video that you will definitely remember for a long time!

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  • NymRod, 2 years ago

    Now let's see him take off.

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