Millions of anchovies make rare appearance at Scripps Pier

ScrippsOceanographyPublished: August 14, 2014Updated: August 15, 2014229,078 viewsVirality: 6%
Published: August 14, 2014Updated: August 15, 2014

An aggregation of anchovy amassed near Scripps Pier at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego in La Jolla, California in July 2014. Footage from Scripps Pier by Scripps staff and underwater by Scripps graduate students Julia Fiedler, Sean Crosby and Bonnie Ludka. The entire swarm was approximately 10 feet deep, 100 meters from inshore to offshore, and was almost one mile long. It's an impressive sight! Credit to Scripps Oceanography.

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