Doberman dog and horse are best friends

starklPublished: August 13, 2014Updated: August 26, 20142,221,702 views
Published: August 13, 2014Updated: August 26, 2014

Watching heart-warming videos where unlikely animal friendships happen is sometimes all one needs to brighten their day. This one here is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Adorable Doberman has very unlikely best friend, a horse! Not only they spend playtime together, but it seems that they can't spend a minute apart! Just how precious is that, right? Watch how doggy takes his best friend for a stroll in the nearest field, and prepare for your daily dose of cuteness!

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  • 2 rumbles
    sick_boy26 · 1 year ago

    They both look so happy, that's some great friendship! :)

    • 2 rumbles
      Johny1990 · 1 year ago

      I think that animals have their own language and that they can talk with movements.