Kittens vs. the E-Collar / Cone of Shame

kennethphotographyPublished: August 12, 20143 views
Published: August 12, 2014

After an already-harrowing castration at the vet, the kittens come home to suffer the humiliation of the dreaded e-collar / lampshade around the neck. Hilarity ensues, but the kittens are not laughing.

Midway through the video, I put down the camera to catch the black and white cat who is on a rampage to get the e-collar off. While I'm distracted, the gray kitten shows the camera who's boss while I'm distracted. (He gets rewarded with an e-collar.)

For those of you who feel concerned for the kittens: They actually managed to squeeze out of the e-collars moments after the video, and we haven't put them on again since they can't even eat with these ridiculous cones on their heads and they seem pretty good about not licking their wounds.

Shot with the Flip Ultra HD and edited in Final Cut Pro by Kenneth Chan Photography.

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