Money-Saving Tips Straight From Dad Who Knows Best

Published August 12, 2014 1,564 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdWhere would we be without advice from dear old dad? Whether he’s extolling the virtues of hard work, setting an example for his kids, or tag-teaming with mom on budgeting household expenses and activities, dad makes it look easy. In reality, a father’s advice is based on years of hard-won experience that he wants to pass along to his loved ones in the hopes of making their lives a little easier.

The video shows the attempts of a dad who teaches his kids the value of a dollar. This dad tries to implement some money saving tips around the house. It turns out these hilarious tips are just awful. The entertaining exchange with his son goes as follows:

“We need to cut some costs here to save some money, OK”? - dad says
“Why”? - asks his boy
“So we can avoid mommy’s shopping addiction, that’s why. Happy wife, happy life, remember”? - replies dad
“This is dumb” - answers the boy
“You are fired from the family. I have just saved down you allowance. Get out”! - shouts dad

When it comes to cutting the water bill, things get a bit “dirtier”...and it doesn’t turn out like the boy has expected. He isn’t allowed to run water in the tub instead, his dad takes a towel and after having spit on it, he cleans his son’s face because he is trying to save money, remember?! The boy is pulling such a revolting face and he isn’t sure whether to laugh or laugh even more.

It is even more hilarious when dad shows how to cut the entertainment bill. The iTunes video is not working and you know why - to save money, of course. So dad has cancelled all the Internet stuff and he is putting himself on the way of his son’s entertainment. It is so cool, isn’t it?