Little Girl 'Easily' Wins The Claw Game

Published August 12, 2014 232,675 Views

Rumble / Funny & WeirdThey don’t call them “the terrible twos” for nothing. Just when a kid learns how to express themselves, right a way they find out that daddy in this occasion can help out with everything they need. Her cry for help gets so extreme, they are almost always accompanied by every parent’s personal favorite - tantrums! It doesn’t necessarily mean it would stick with two and end on the third birthday; the behavior might stick a bit longer.

This little girl starts off with a fun little attitude towards this game that her dad got for her. She seems very confident at first as she does somewhat have an understanding of how the levers that move the claw work. But don't be to quick to think tat she's got everything under control just yet.

As the game begins she decides on a toy she likes and right away steers the claw towards it, as this is a time game she starts to get more and more anxious if not nervous about how she is gonna get that claw to grab the toy she desires. Ether way, the super hero, in this case the dad steps right in at the right moment.

Baylee Metallica may have needed some help to win the claw game, but that didn't matter to her! Watch her priceless reaction after getting some assistance from her father, she wants to go right back at it!